The ultimate Opening Day match up: Moses v Jesus

by Bob Schwartz

It happens every spring. The Major League Baseball season begins, then the major holy days of Passover and Easter arrive.

There are some serious explanations of the coincidence between these two holidays. But let’s set those aside.

Instead, let’s talk about the Opening Day pitching match up between Moses and Jesus. Both are known for their seemingly miraculous powers with a baseball (and with all kinds of other things, including big and little bodies of water). They’ve got great stuff. When either is on the mound, it hardly seems fair to batters. But as in religion and life, in baseball some are just more gifted than others.

Who would win? Both have great teams behind them. Moses has his prophets and rabbis. Jesus has his saints. All of them five-tool players: hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding and throwing. But it always comes down to pitching. Moses and Jesus have been described as “magicians on the mound” and they are. (Some batters facing Moses have claimed that sometimes their bats turn into snakes, though it’s never been proven).

Moses v Jesus? Even though it’s baseball, of course it’s a tie. Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Play ball!

© 2023 by Bob Schwartz