About 2.0

This is a second version of About. About the blog. About me.

The original version of About was brief (two sentences) and didn’t include very much. I thought that the writing in the blog would speak for itself, and readers could read about me between or in the lines of the posts.

Yes, but…I myself almost immediately go to the About section of other blogs. Why would I expect my readers to be any less curious?

So I’ve replaced the previously minimal About with a longer one. Maybe too long, maybe more than you want to know. But easy to skim or skip.

About the blog

This blog stays true to the concept of a weblog. It is a journal, about everything and anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have a singular focus, but it does have tendencies, leanings and favorite topics. Just like me.

About me

Geography. Born and raised in the Bronx, which is my geographical foundation, no matter how many other states, cities and towns I’ve lived in and loved (many). When I return to New York, which isn’t often enough, I’m home. My second spiritual home, wherever I am, is Mississippi, about as far from the Bronx as you can get. As ZZ Top sings, I’m shuffling through (wherever), but my head’s in Mississippi.

Family. My early years were spent in a three bedroom, three-generation apartment. Many kids probably don’t think that growing up in tight quarters with grandparents, parents and siblings is ideal. But I didn’t know any different and anyway didn’t have a choice. It may not have been perfect, but not one day do I wish it was any different. Today I enjoy the love, company and tolerance of a beautiful and brilliant wife and a handsome and brilliant son.

Education. My formal education began at PS 77 in the Bronx. High school in New Jersey. University in Philadelphia, with a degree in psychology. Law school in Seattle, with a degree in, well, law. My informal education? Everything else.

Profession. Aside from meeting my wife, maybe the most significant moment of my life was when the owner of a small chain of bookstores asked me, a fresh college graduate, whether I would like to manage his newest store that was then under construction. He knew almost nothing about me and didn’t even ask for a resume. It may be clichéd advice, but always remember that when someone who can hire you likes you and asks whether you can do something, the answer is YES.

So I became a bookseller, and did in fact meet my wife in that very store. And then became a lawyer, a marketing executive and consultant, a publishing executive and consultant, and most importantly, as far as this blog is concerned, a writer and editor.


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