Media fantasy: CNN sings the news

by Bob Schwartz

I prefer to begin my mornings with music. But in a shared environment, that isn’t always possible. Some mornings, by the time of breakfast, the news is on TV.

I’ve lately tried to go on a bit of a news diet. Not an absolutely strict one, but certainly reduced.

Listening to morning music today, getting ready to turn it off and turn on CNN, I devised a solution:

What if the CNN anchors and reporters sang the news rather than just speaking it?

The best of both worlds. Well, maybe not the best, given that I don’t know if CNN has musical writing, arranging and performing talent worthy of Broadway. Still, it would add another dimension to a variety of stories, the most serious and tragic and the most inconsequential and featherweight. The songs could reflect the character, mood and importance of the stories.

Until that happens, we’ll just have to imagine Anderson Cooper and the rest of the CNN crew crooning. And while we’re at it, how about the same over at Fox News. Tucker Carlson sings?

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