Music: Wonderful World, Beautiful People/Many Rivers to Cross

by Bob Schwartz

Christmas music is inspiring and fun. In the midst of such strange and unsettling times, though, a change of pace was needed this morning.

Jimmy Cliff’s star never shone as brightly as that of Bob Marley. But some of his songs are just as uplifting, hopeful and right on. Like these two:

Wonderful World, Beautiful People

Take a look at the world
And the state that it’s in today
I am sure you’ll agree
We all could make it a better way
With our love, put together
Everybody learn to love each other

Instead of fussing and fighting
Cheating, backbiting
Scandalizing and hating
Baby we could have a
Wonderful world, beautiful people

Man and woman, girl and boy
Let us try to give a helping hand
This I know and I’m sure
That with love we all could understand
This is our world, can’t you see?
Everybody wants to live and be free

Many Rivers to Cross

Many rivers to cross
But I can’t seem to find my way over
Wandering I am lost as I travel along
The white cliffs of Dover
Many rivers to cross and it’s only my will
That keeps me alive
I’ve been licked, washed up for years and
I merely survive because of my pride