“A semi-auto changed my life” says an AR-15 hunter

by Bob Schwartz

From  Why hunters are trading in traditional hunting rifles for the AR-15 on Guns.com:

Hunters traipsing through fields in unrestricted states are also afforded the luxury of 30 round magazines which increase the number of shots a hunter can fire in a given time period while decreasing follow-up shot time. This can often mean the difference between taking a trophy and going home empty handed.

“I believe in one well-placed shot,” coyote hunter Greg Sodergren told Time Magazine of the AR-15. “(But) if you’ve got multiple animals or you miss, you’ve got a quick follow-up shot.”

In addition, the speed in which the AR cycles its bolt as compared to the manual cycling of a bolt-action means more potential shots on target or multiple shots effortlessly carried out on multiple targets.

“A semi-auto changed my life,” Eric Mayer, who runs AR15hunter.com, told Time Magazine. “I’m able to make the (shot) because I don’t have to run the bolt (and) lose the target in my scope.”

“If you miss you’ve got a quick follow-up shot.” A semi-automatic AR-15 rifle changed lots of lives at a Florida high school yesterday. Only they weren’t coyotes or deer.