Presidential Deficit: Is Trump the Most Deficient Leader in Modern History (and Not Just Presidents)?

by Bob Schwartz

Trump’s tweets criticizing the Mayor of Puerto Rico and criticizing Puerto Rico for not “helping itself” are more evidence: Trump may be deficient in any of the qualities we expect in a leader. This isn’t just one sector: character, intelligence, empathy, competence, morality, ethics, etc. This is the possibility that he does not possess a single one of the qualities that we see in leaders.

It isn’t that leaders have all of these qualities. Some of our most brilliant leaders have also been immoral and evil. Just as some of our most moral and empathic leaders have been incompetent.

But Trump defies this. He has nothing. (No, the ability to get elected is not a leadership skill; it is a getting-elected skill, and maybe not even that if you run against relatively weak politicians).

Is it time for more people—especially Republicans—to point out that the emperor has no clothes at all? Maybe, except that the idea of seeing this emperor without his clothes may be too much for many of them.