by Bob Schwartz


In the adapted words of a PBS profile:

He was a small man with a crippled foot, a disproportionately large head and a fragile body. He was much disliked because of his malice and ill will, and though a mesmerizing orator, he lacked charisma. Nevertheless, he was a man of tremendous enthusiasm with an endless supply of ideas, and a master of mass psychology.

He was made propaganda chief. After the party came to power, he began to clamp down on all forms of artistic expression. He took control of the news media, making sure that it presented domestic and foreign policy aims in terms of party ideology. He played probably the most important role in creating an atmosphere in the country that made it possible for the party to commit terrible atrocities.

He devoted much of his efforts to boosting morale. He wrote innumerable articles and speeches rousing the people, promising wonders and providing projections he knew were pure fantasy.

Who is this man? And why is he here?