Abbeville, Louisiana and the Flood

by Bob Schwartz

City of Abbeville

Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana is something more than special.

Here’s the bridge across the Vermilion River. That’s St. Mary Magdalen Church on the right.


Here’s Magdalen Square.

Magdalen Square

Here’s what Abbevile looked like on Saturday, August 13, during the flood.

Vermillion River 081316

This is a link to Vermilion Today, online home of the Abbeville Meridional newspaper, if you want to learn what’s going on after the flood.

This is a link to the Red Cross, if you’d like to donate something for the special people of Louisiana, who are suffering through perhaps the worst U.S. natural disaster in the past four years.

Finally, here’s a picture taken last December at the church. To lift your spirits. And open your hearts.

Abbeville Church 7 Select