The STR-AV1010 Is Dead, Part 2

by Bob Schwartz

STR-AV1010 Connections
Why does the demise of an audio component deserve even one blog post, let alone two?

Because I came across the manual for the Sony STR-AV1010 receiver (circa 1989), which manual demonstrates that tech archaeology and history is as important as any other kind, maybe more. If you don’t believe that, just look at one of my favorite tech photos of all time.
Motorola Brick
Here is a man who is implicitly the most successful, stylish and cool guy holding up the most ridiculous object to his ear, as we pretend (then) it is not. And it sort of isn’t, because he was able to do something that was until then the stuff of sci-fi. And yet it sort of is ridiculous, because, well, look at the photo.

The soon to be buried receiver (actually, it won’t be buried, instead being put in a storage closet until future science can figure out how to cure it) was, as noted in the earlier post, a wonder more than twenty years ago. Look at some of the possible connections in the above chart:

Tape deck
DAT (Digital Audio Tape, a Sony format officially terminated in 1995)

The point? Not one really. Maybe just that we are in the river, it flows, and we swim with it, against it, and sometimes just stand in it, if we can touch bottom and it doesn’t knock us over and we drown.