Coffee meditation: Measuring spoons v. pods

by Bob Schwartz

“Just a spoonful of coffee is medicine.”
Mary Poppins?

Early morning means counting out measuring spoons of ground coffee:

One spoon of coffee. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Counting, as of breaths, is a part of some meditation practices. This feels like that.

But what, I wonder, if I was a pod person. That is, someone who made coffee with a pod machine. Which I am not. Would that also be a kind of meditation? Like this:

One pod.

Well, yes, maybe. Whether you are counting to six, or ten (a typical meditation counting number), you are also counting to one. Do you see? So whether it is spoons or pods, six or one, isn’t it all coffee?

If you don’t see now, you will. Good morning. Drink up.