70 Ads to Save the World: An Illustrated Memoir of Social Change

by Bob Schwartz

There are good-hearted well-meaning 21st century activists who will ignore the new book 70 Ads to Save the World: An Illustrated Memoir of Social Change because it is an old-school throwback to an ancient time when full-page print ads mattered.

They miss the point.

The form of media of course matters, and those forms have evolved dynamically over the past couple of decades. But creativity, message, heart and soul also matter. And these are eternal.

For decades, Jerry Mander and his colleagues used the available tools to craft advertising aimed at changing minds and changing the world, one reader and one critical issue ad at a time. This book serves as a reminder, not just to those in the creative industries but certainly there, how much good their gifts—your gifts—can do. One creation at a time.

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