Ah. Aweland.

by Bob Schwartz

Standing Tulips (light photography) © Dean Chamberlain

To look upon and to touch
Oh gosh
Life is really too much
Donovan, Oh Gosh

The designated Jewish Days of Awe have passed, at least for this year.

The birds this morning overwhelmed me with their songs, so multiple and layered that if you tried to follow just one thread of notes you would be even more lost than you usually are.

It is awesome.

I think about experiences, some natural, some induced, some sought, some accidental, that are inescapable awe. Time stopping, time reversing and advancing awe.

That is what all the experiences are about, at their heart, at their core (couer). Once awed—by birds, love, drugs, god—the unawed will occupy us again, replacing awe with the agenda of our selves. Ah, but having visited there, Aweland, we may return.

Every day is a Day of Awe.

© 2022 Bob Schwartz