Republicans don’t want voters to be awake. They would rather govern asleep.

by Bob Schwartz

Republicans think they have another rhetorical winner in tagging anyone with any contemporary ideas and policies as “woke”. This appears to have some appeal, demonstrated by presidential wannabe DeSantis delivering an entire “Woke! Woke! Woke!” speech.

The opposite of woke is asleep. The only question then is whether Republicans want an electorate that is asleep. Maybe.

Or is it even more revealing? Maybe Republicans want to govern while they themselves are asleep, dreaming of reconstructing a simpler and more manageable (for them) America that never existed.

If Republicans want to stay asleep and dream, let us help. Why should they have their dreamtime interrupted by the inconvenience of actually governing? Even bad governing takes time. So let us send them back to their comfortable bedrooms, or wherever else they lay their heads, and let them dream their unawake lives away. Far away from the controls of government.

© 2022 Bob Schwartz