Criminals thank Trump for de-legitimizing all law enforcement

by Bob Schwartz

Trump will be getting more and more messages of appreciation from criminals who, like him, are being persecuted by law enforcement. Here is one of those possible messages.

Dear President Trump,

Thank you sir. Police, prosecutors, judges and juries say that I am a criminal and have been for many years.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Finally, someone important like you has the courage to say that the system is rigged, that law enforcement is corrupt, that all they do is plant evidence and frame innocent people like us, when we have done nothing wrong. Nothing!

You are my hero. You are a hero to all of us wrongly accused, tried and convicted.

The fake “justice” system is never going to convict you, sir. Because people like me are on your side.

Keep up the fight against all law enforcement. FBI never! Trump forever!

I know it probably won’t happen, but I sure do look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person when I get out of prison.

Not A Criminal