Corduroy Shorts

by Bob Schwartz

I don’t know when I first learned about corduroy shorts. I hadn’t grown up with them or hung around people who wore them.

When I did discover them, it was a revelation. Corduroy. Shorts. Together. It just seemed so right.

Still does, although my old pairs are showing wear. I just unearthed them from the deep shelves. I am back in relationship with a favorite item of clothing.

Why the affection? Corduroy. Shorts. Means: Corduroy is a wonderful fabric (except maybe for the wide wale kind, the one that has fat stripes). It feels good to touch and looks good too (obviously looks good only if you like corduroy, which you have found out I do.) But sometimes you just have to wear shorts.

Two style experts argued. Shorts are for hot weather, for summer, shouted one. Corduroy is for cooler weather, for fall or winter, shouted the other. King Solomon listened and solved the problem. Grabbing a pair of shears, he cut off the pants legs. True story.

Will the corduroy shorts go back in storage, taken out of regular rotation? I don’t see how.

© 2021 Bob Schwartz