We would need superhuman superheroes to fix the American mess. What we have are very human politicians.

by Bob Schwartz

At the time of World War II, superhero comic books were growing in popularity. Even more so in the following decades.

A big question emerged: Why didn’t Superman just end the war quickly? He certainly could have.

The answer is obvious, even to those who admire him. He is a comic book character. Like all great characters of myth and fiction, he may exist as an all-powerful ideal in the psyche, spirit and imagination, but not in the real hard world.

We are thankful we do have human heroes in dire situations, and that is exactly how the force of evil was vanquished in World War II. In the overall social and political sphere, once in a while we do find individuals who can help “bend the course of history with their bare hands.” But we shouldn’t count on it.

Instead, as deep into undemocratic evil as we are sinking, what we have are very human politicians, which means that some will try their best, or what they think is best, which may not be enough. If we are waiting for Superman, or superheroes, or just heroes, know this: they are us.