Colorado has had 6,149 Covid deaths. How many were reckless disregard killings?

by Bob Schwartz

This may, I think, be misunderstood or misconstrued, so I will try to speak carefully.

During the pandemic, Colorado, like many states, has seen citizens who were untested, unmasked, undistanced, unvaccinated and unconcerned, walking the streets and the aisles of their supermarkets. Each one is a potential loaded gun, aimed at anybody they come in contact with. Some of these same people also loudly denied the virus and decried any attempts at the simplest mitigations and restrictions. Do you think that any of those citizens, or all of them, are responsible for at least ten Covid deaths because of their reckless disregard? Ten deaths out of 6,149?

Gun violence, as in yesterday’s Colorado shootings, is only one in a cascade of American tragedies. The killer and the victims of course deserve our attention. But so do Americans who, out of selfishness or ignorance or both, raised a virus to a deadly scourge and who, by any definition, are killers. How about endless coverage of them and their crimes?