Don’t be fooled by tweets and photo ops. Trump is the Walking Sick.

by Bob Schwartz

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Three things tell us just how sick Trump is with Covid-19.

1. What we have been allowed to know is that he is infected with the virus, had some troubling breathing incidents, went to the hospital, and is receiving an unprecedented combination of drug therapies (unprecedented in that nobody in the world has received this combination).

2. The White House and their doctor are hiding something, being vague, evasive or silent. Reasons to hide significant things are either that it is none of your business or that there is something bad to hide. The greater the efforts to hide, the more likely it is something bad, maybe very bad.

3. He is overcompensating. He is exaggerating. He protests too much. In the past, he ordered his last doctor, Ronny Jackson, to say that Trump could live to be 200. Admittedly, Trump is known to play everything over the top. But even for him, the video and photo ops during his illness look desperate, not convincing.

As for what it means if Trump is as sick as he probably is, and maybe about to get worse, that is yet to be determined. When the worst president in American history is very sick and on a potent drug cocktail that may be affecting his mental health, anything can happen.