The idea of an America-only economic recovery is so 20th (or 19th) century

by Bob Schwartz

It is natural in America to look at an economic recovery in American terms. The impact of the economic crisis is here and any solutions will be applied here.

But failing to notice how catastrophic the pandemic has been for economies around the world is shortsighted. Just as shortsighted as some high-level leader thinking that the pandemic would never reach our shores and that whatever the rest of the world was doing about it meant nothing for our (disastrous) strategy—or non-strategy.

No matter what you hear from a high-level leader (the same one who gave us the America-only non-strategy for the pandemic) this is more than ever a global economy. So as we follow the important details of the American economic situation, we should occasionally look in on the economic situations in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Some countries are doing a little better than others, while some countries are in a deep hole that is even worse than ours, and unlikely to recover for years. Does it matter for America? What do you think?