Message to governors standing by Trump: There is a bus waiting for you to be thrown under

by Bob Schwartz

It is astonishing how many Republican politicians—governors, Senators, etc.—are still taking their marching orders from Trump, even in the midst of the worst American crisis in decades.

One of the many important lessons that should have been learned by those who stand by Trump is that he has no sense of loyalty. None. Or sense of responsibility during the pandemic. None. The value of any person is exactly how much good they can do for him—not for the country—right now. If that good is in any way at any time in question, their value drops to zero. When that happens, they are certain to be thrown immediately under the next passing bus.

Those buses are rolling by for the Republican governors of Florida, Arizona and Texas, who will soon be joined by others as Republican-led states are pinned down by COVID-19. As those governors contemplate making hard choices and taking action, they will get no help from Trump. Only scorn. And a quick heave-ho.