Ten Reasons a Letter Board Is a Perfect Gift

by Bob Schwartz

Ten reasons a letter board is a perfect gift:

1. It is not digital.
For most people, most words are now digital. Words are not digital.

2. It is a perfect place for very short poems, including haiku.
The haiku on the letter board above is by Hokushi (1665–1718), a student of Bashō.

3. It is creative.
Some people have many creative outlets; some have few or none. This is one more.

4. It promotes awareness and mindfulness.
Enlightenment, however, is not guaranteed.

5. It raises awareness that writing is made with letters.
Paragraphs are made with sentences are made with phrases are made with words are made with…letters.

6. People will say, “Wow, that’s so cool!”
If being or seeming cool is important to you.

7. It solves gift giving.
People either already have a letter board and wish they had more or don’t have one but will wonder how they ever lived without it.

8. It promotes slowness.
Many things we do are done too fast. Many things we do are better done slowly. Putting words together is one of them.

9. It helps overcome fear of the blank page.
Facing a blank page is daunting for some people. But as you dig into the plastic letters, you will feel yourself emboldened to take a chance. What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like the words you put up, you can take them right down and start over.

10. Letters are sacred.
Almost all religious and spiritual traditions have special regard for letters. In some cases, it is said that all creation is constructed from letters.

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