Republicans are either stupid (in a stupor) or think people are stupid. Either way, the fix is in for Kavanaugh.

by Bob Schwartz


Even before the limited FBI investigation is completed, at least one Republican Senator has incongruously announced that there is “no corroboration” from an investigation that isn’t done yet.

This is the latest illogical move in a process never designed to approach the truth.

There is never going to be corroboration under these circumstances. Only three eyewitnesses: Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, both of whom testified, and Mark Judge, who no doubt repeated to the FBI that due to his blackout drinking he has no memory of the event. Blackout or not, neither Kavanaugh nor Judge are about to own up to activity that is a crime.

Instead, the Republicans are appropriately being asked to determine, in the absence of corroboration, which one is telling the truth. The current position being taken by Republicans is that they really don’t want to call Ford or Kavanaugh a liar. Which position is untenable when two people tell totally inconsistent and opposite stories.

What Republicans really want to ignore is growing corroboration that, aside from the question of the sexual assault, Kavanaugh lied about himself repeatedly throughout his hearing.

Maybe Republicans really are simple-minded and haven’t noticed any of this. Or maybe they are smart enough to know that they are being illogical and deceptive, but expect that American people are stupid enough to believe and support their position.

Would you rather have Senators who are stupid, or Senators who think you are? That may be the question of our time.