Trump as the Only Reliable Source: Who Are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes and Ears?

by Bob Schwartz

Every time Omarosa releases another recording of an embarrassing or even incriminating conversation involving a Trump person, the rapid response is to question her credibility.

Please stop to consider this. The identity of the participants in those recordings has been clear and the question of whether the recordings were manipulated mostly hasn’t been raised. Yet the counter to the recordings is that the person who made and played them is not credible. Which of course doesn’t matter as to the recordings themselves. The recordings literally speak for themselves.

This is consistent with everything Trump has said and done about reliable information. It will not come, he says, from the discredited media. It will not come from discredited colleagues and insiders. It will not come from discredited experts. It will not come from anybody who disagrees with Trump or who crosses him. It will not even come from discredited government institutions, even those whose mission is truthful and reliable information, such as the justice and intelligence agencies.

Reliable information will only come from Trump.

As always, it is hard to narrow focus on a single matter that makes Trump’s power and leadership so very dangerous. But of all of them, his assertion and attempts to establish that he alone is the single arbiter of reliable information, in a nation of hundreds of millions of Americans, in a world of billions of people, is the madness at the top of the list.