“Defense Stocks Rally As U.S. Exit From Iran Deal Adds To Mideast Tension”

by Bob Schwartz

“Defense Stocks Rally As U.S. Exit From Iran Deal Adds To Mideast Tension”

There are so many messages in today’s headline from Investor’s Business Daily. None of them good.

1. No matter how enlightened and high-minded—or unenlightened and low-minded—the proponents of war are, there are always going to be those who profit from it. The promise of profiting from war is one way to convince influential people and enterprises to support a war footing. That is not cynicism; it is history.

2. The list of Mideast wars, past and present, is too long to list here. Also long is the list of thoughtful people who think the regional situation right now is more tense than it has been in a very long time, and think that the Trump/Bolton position, popular mostly among the extreme and the extremely nationalistic and uninformed, only adds fuel to the flames.

3. Jared Kushner is officially in charge of peace in the Mideast. So we can all rest easy. Unfortunately, among other poor decisions, he invested in money-losing buildings instead of profitable defense stocks, so he is not sleeping all that well. Wherever he is hiding.