Is Iran the Next Iraq? Bolton and Netanyahu Hope So.

by Bob Schwartz

Benjamin Netanyahu’s PowerPoint presentation “proving” that Iran is lying and secretly continuing to pursue a nuclear program is unsettling—but not in the way he meant it.

It is unsettling, at least for Americans, because it is so reminiscent of the case being made in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had secret Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that only an invasion of Iraq would secure the safe future of Iraq, the region, and the world.

If you don’t know the history of the non-existent “proof” (there weren’t any WMDs), the combination of lies that led us into the war anyway, and the outcomes of that war in Iraq, please look it up.

Among the three power players in this scene—Trump, National Security Adviser Bolton, and Netanyahu—only Trump is ignorant of history, geopolitics, or anything needed to understand the situation. Bolton and Netanyahu know exactly what is going on and exactly what they want to happen.

Both Bolton and Netanyahu would like to take Iran out—not quite in the existential sense, but pretty close. In its current posture, including the non-nuclear deal and freedom from sanctions, Iran is growing as a power. Bolton and Netanyahu want to stop that progress dead in its tracks. Whether or not Iran has a secret program is irrelevant. It is a bad actor and it has to be stopped.

Israel is saying that if the rest of the world won’t stop this, Israel will. Bolton’s position, as he will explain it to Trump in the simplest terms (with pictures), is that Israel and America are threatened by this news, and we should help Israel—no matter what the other weak, Muslim-tolerating European countries think.

It is getting harder to see how the Middle East gets out of this increasingly complicated and tragic mess. Syria. Kurds. Turkey. Israel. Gaza. Palestinians. Jerusalem embassy. Iran. Bolton. Netanyahu. Trump. For starters. Help us Obi Wan Kushner, only you can save us now.