Mysteries of Las Vegas

by Bob Schwartz

So many questions. Who is this man? Why did he do it? Who are the victims? Why them? Who are the loved ones who suffer? Who are the heroes who made things better and kept it from being worse? How can we lessen the chance of this happening again?

These and related questions are part of the media coverage and part of our own thinking about this tragedy.

But even if we answer every one of the questions to our satisfaction—which is unlikely—there will still be an ineffable mystery that goes beyond not having an answer. There is something about this for which we don’t have and can’t form a question.

In a time when so many are willing to tell you the answers, and when some of the more insightful are willing to first ask better questions, there are still some things that have neither questions nor answers. And in that standing mute and mindless in the face of mystery is a rare moment.