Why into the Mystic?

by Bob Schwartz


Studying the unknowable. Speaking the ineffable. Explaining the unexplainable. Why go there?

The reason is simple some. It is the clichéd reason that climbers give for scaling the most challenging mountains. Because it is there.

For many others, who find mountain climbing an unnecessarily arduous, dangerous and time-wasting pursuit, there is an answer too. Because it is there. That is, there is the unknowable, ineffable and unexplainable, and the sooner you have even a slight familiarity with this phenomenon, the more realistically humble you will be about what you can know, say and explain. Even if you only amble in the foothills, when you look up to the impossibly high peaks obscured by clouds, you will know you are small. Maybe you walk on and up, maybe you don’t. But just the acknowledgement is something essential.