Presidents Are Like Weather

by Bob Schwartz

Presidents are like weather. They are atmospheric conditions that don’t necessarily change the details of how our days, or even our lives, go. But they are a presence, and something we have to live with, or learn to live with.

I’ve lived in different places with very different weather. I’ve lived with a number of Presidents, each of whom brought their own particular atmosphere. I like some of the weather more than others, I liked some of the Presidents more than others, including the different ways they affected the environment.

People ask and people discuss the effect of choosing one candidate over another. Some say: whichever one wins, we will survive. That may be true. But also true is that there may well be a different atmosphere, a different environment with one or the other.

Some also say: I can isolate my life from whoever is chosen. That may be true too. If you’re in a rainy place, you can carry an umbrella. If you’re in a cold place, you can bundle up. If you’re in a cloudy place, you can live (or think you can) without very much sun. Still, the question remains: if you have a choice, is that what you prefer?