Meeting of the Great Ones to Consider a Request

by Bob Schwartz

The great ones met to consider a request. God, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha. These were the ones who had been in his thoughts, prayers and wishes, to some degree, in recent days.

The agenda seemed simple enough, but was, as with most similar matters, far from it. A request like this had so many layers and dimensions.

There was the question of what could actually be done in answer to the request. Intervention may not be possible, and even then, the type may be limited.

Then there is availability and suitability. Maybe the circumstances indicate something should be done, maybe not. There is the size and nature of the request, the context of the request, and maybe above all, the form of the request and the faith and character of the asker.

He was unclear about all of this. He had more than one idea on form, some ideas about his faith, and a world and lifetime of questions about his character, especially as a worthy supplicant.

Intervention and decisions, his and theirs. Those already made, those from now on. Change and chance. There would be time, some time, to assess probabilities, to act and be acted upon, or for happenings to happen.

He did not address the meeting, and was not invited to. He sent formless thoughts, deep enough from heart and mind, he hoped, to make the request clear. He did not send a message, maybe except this one.

He did have one understanding that transcended the meeting, the circumstances, the request. It might be too vague, but in the moment the thought seemed as complete as any. The offer was love, the request was for love. If it went out sadly imperfectly, and came back seemingly incomplete, it had to be done. It was all that could be done. And was more than enough, and all.