Bruce Wayne Is Batman, Donald Trump Is John Miller/John Barron

by Bob Schwartz

Bruce Wayne - Batman

Millionaire Bruce Wayne never wanted it to be known that he was the crime fighter Batman because he didn’t want those close to him to be in danger.

Millionaire Donald Trump never wanted it to be known that he was publicist/executive John Miller/John Barron because…

This analysis leads to one conclusion. That Donald Trump actually wanted to be, or at least considered being, Batman. But Trump is no fool. He realized that calling up journalists and saying he was Batman, or John Batman, might not sound authentic—even if he knew intimate details of Trump’s life and loves. Which is how he ended up telling them he was John Miller or John Barron. So prosaic, so low energy, so small-handed.

But life is long. We may yet hear tapes of “John Batman” calling up reporters with the latest scoop on what Donald Trump is up to. Let’s pray for the day.