Just One More

by Bob Schwartz


If you have an abiding interest or passion, it is natural to want just one more. One more thinker or writer or artist or teacher, one more book or work or class, one more experience to deepen and broaden your understanding and appreciation. And maybe your life. It is often beneficial in just that way.

The antithesis of, and sometimes antidote for, just one more is no more and enough. This isn’t always obvious or appealing, because the one more genuinely seems to do some good, even help you break through to some new level or place.

But once you have done some preparation, there is something to be said for continuing to work the same small pieces of ground, with the same old small group of teachers and guides, over and over. Maybe even just one piece of ground with one teacher or guide. It’s true that the wandering and exploration might just turn up something more and better. But it’s also true that the better or best may be there in the first piece of ground, the first book you read or teacher you listened to.

Anyway, the nature of things is not just one more. It is all this and no more.