World Penguin Day

by Bob Schwartz

Baby Penguins - London Zoo

Today is World Penguin Day. There is nothing else you need to know about anything.

The image selected above is of a pair of penguin chicks just born at the London Zoo.

To give you some idea of how essential penguins are, a Google search on “penguin” yields 40,500,000 hits and a collection of penguin images so overwhelming that I am frozen trying to select just one for this post.

There are dog people and cat people. And then there are penguin people. You know who you are and you know why you are the way you are. We thank God that Russell Crowe was able to build that ark and get a couple of penguins on it.

Climate change is a serious concern with serious consequences. But as many vital problems as may result, if it threatens penguin habitats, remember this: when something is wrong with our penguins, something is wrong with us.

And now, a picture. Happy Penguin Day.