No Lessons Today

by Bob Schwartz

MSNBC is running the NBC News broadcast of the events of September 11, 2001 in real clock-time. That is, when it was 9:59am on that date, it is 9:59am today.

Today we have an eleven-year knowledge advantage. Where there was ignorance and speculation about exactly what was going on, we know much more for certain.

We are so stunned still that we are struck silent, but not quite silent. We want to make sense of our tragedies public and private. We don’t just want explanations. We want lessons.

We have more than enough smart talking heads to make articulate, insightful statements. Not to mention those other smart people who have devised strategies to respond, some more popular and effective than others.

And then again there is silence. For a few hours on that day, professional journalists combined with first responders and horrified citizens to say everything that could be said in the moment, maybe all that needs to be said today.

It’s okay to stand dumb. Just for a day.