Etch A Sketch – the Original Digital Tablet – Goes Political and Mobile

by Bob Schwartz

Etch A Sketch is the original digital tablet, if digital means using your fingers to twirl some knobs. The Ohio Art toy company is thrilled that its Etch A Sketch has become a new prop in the public and political conversation.

But as much as we continue to hear about Mitt Romney’s positions in the primary being drawn on an Etch A Sketch – here now, shaken and redrawn in an instant – not many people are going to go out and buy one, let alone carry one around.

The good news is that just last month, digital game company Freeze Tag released an Android version of the official Etch A Sketch mobile app.

It’s a very simple app, permissions-light for the privacy conscious, fun and free, and it works just like the real thing, only much tinier (more advanced features like color and saving sketches are available with the 99-cent paid app). Even if you’re not an Etcher, those of a particular partisan persuasion might find it a handy way to signal your leanings.