Cleveland Clinic’s Power of Today Ad

by Bob Schwartz

The new Cleveland Clinic commercial campaign, The Power of Today, is a model of TV advertising, showing the value of good basic messaging combined with a tactical twist.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the best-known and most-respected health care providers in the nation. More than just a hospital with world-class specialty care, it operates facilities and clinics covering a range of needs, from the everyday to the most sophisticated.

The clear and appealing messages of the 60-second commercial are:

  1. Cleveland Clinic is a world-class provider.
  2. Despite being world-class, it is also approachable, accessible, and patient-centric. It is for everybody. It is for you.
  3. You don’t have to wait for that level of care. You can get an appointment with one of our doctors today.

The master commercial says this:

Today is a big day. Today we greet you, treat you, care for you. Today you can come to us for anything, everything or just to get that thing checked out. Big, small and yes. The best heart care in the nation. It’s here everyday for everyone. That’s the power of Today. Call Today. We’re here for you.

That’s where the twist comes in. To emphasize and realize this point about today, versions have been produced and are running each day of the week (“Today is Monday” and so on).

Even knowing how the magic trick is done (“How does that commercial know that today is Monday?”), the effect is arresting and supportive of the core message. With great straightforward copy (check out the number of one syllable words above) and solid but unfussy visuals, this is how it should be done.