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Delayed Autumn

Dawn Trees - Bob Schwartz

Dawn Trees – Bob Schwartz

Delayed Autumn

Still green trees
Still a fresh memory of summer.
Am I fooled by the colors
Thinking red leaves are flowers?
They are only
Splendidly dying.

The trick is to be no more caught up in the autumn and winter of autumn and winter than in the spring and summer of spring and summer. Hard, hard.

Music for the Last Gasp of Summer: September

Earth Wind & Fire - September

Depending on where you are, September may or may not be the last gasp of summer.

But it is the name of the greatest piece of September music ever recorded.

Play September by Earth Wind & Fire.

The bell was ringing
Our souls were singing
Do you remember
Never a cloudy day

If you’re not moving, check your pulse, or have someone else check it for you (that can be fun).

Me? I’m out front, dancing among the flower and vegetable beds, in front of God and everybody. Who cares how it looks? It’s September.

Seasons Meeting

Seasons Meeting

Seasons meet
In August.
This morning
Green trees
Hiding houses.
Heat and sun break
For gray clouds and
Cool breeze.
Not now, soon
Trees will explode
Color to bare,
Houses revealed.
Breeze to harsh wind.
These flimsy clothes
Will grow thick.
But not today.