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New Hampshire Primary Aftermath: Battle of the Billionaire Front Pages

The New York Daily News and the New York Post have been tabloid newspaper rivals forever. And that battle is most deliciously seen on their front pages.

These papers are currently owned by very different billionaires: The Daily News by Mort Zuckerman (leans liberal), the Post by Rubert Murdoch (Fox News, enough said).

In the U.S., the Daily News and Post are the champions of creative, clever, crass or crude. Here is what they came up with the morning after a very momentous night in politics.

New York Daily News


New York Daily News Wins Pulitzer Prize for Trump-Palin Front Page

I'm With Stupid!

There is no Pulitzer Prize for newspaper front pages. And if there was, the New York Daily News is not going to win it. Too bad.

“I’m with stupid!” Sarah Palin pointing at Donald Trump. Three words. One photo. It does what media outlets continue to spend hours and pages on, while avoiding the obvious in the name of fair-mindedness—or for ratings and circulation. Or to avoid insulting a future President.

Journalism schools will not use this as a model of anything. We do need high-minded and thoughtful analysis. But once in a while, you’ve just got to cut through the blah-blah-blah and get to the point.