Support the Arizona Diamondbacks by buying a Core429 IP Module 16-Channel 12.5/100kbps PolarFire/SmartFusion2/IGLOO2/ProASIC3 ($262,546.30) from their uniform sponsor Avnet

Major League Baseball has joined the NFL, NBA and NHL in allowing advertising on uniforms. This season, one of the first teams to take advantage is the Arizona Diamondbacks, who will be wearing patches for the Phoenix-based technology distributor Avnet.

D-backs President & CEO Derrick Hall says in the official press release:

“We are excited to partner with locally-based Avnet primarily because of our aligned values that include a real commitment to our employees and our fans (customers) as well as a dedication to making a difference in the great state of Arizona through our community support and investments.”

Avnet CEO Phil Gallagher adds:

“It was natural for us to partner with the Arizona Diamondbacks, a home-grown team that is as dedicated to Arizona and its communities as we are. As a global company, we’re dedicated to serving the communities in which our employees live, work and play, and we are excited to support the team’s work on and off the field while collaborating to make a difference in our community.”

When we watch D-backs players this season, the Avnet patch will be constantly in view. I love baseball and support our team. I wondered: How can I as a fan demonstrate that support?

When I visited the Avnet site, I knew. I, along with other fans, could buy products from Avnet. Just one problem. Avnet is a distributor of tech products to industry, not consumers. On top of that, as familiar as I am with some electronics, most of the products are way beyond my knowledge and understanding.

For the sake of baseball and the D-backs, I am not going to let that stop me. I have selected the following product to buy:

Core429 IP Module 16-Channel 12.5/100kbps PolarFire/SmartFusion2/IGLOO2/ProASIC3
Programmable Logic IP Core

This product sells for $262,546.30 (if I buy 500, the price per unit comes down to $221,425.00). I don’t know whether this is a bargain or a rip-off, and frankly I don’t care. If it supports the D-backs, no price too high. However, I may be looking for other fans to share the cost, because baseball or not, a quarter million dollars is still a lot of money.

Go D-backs! Go Avnet! Go Core429 IP Module 16-Channel 12.5/100kbps PolarFire/SmartFusion2/IGLOO2/ProASIC3! Play ball!

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