Bob Schwartz

Month: May, 2021

Pandemic: Deniers, Normalizers and Explorers

Three general types have emerged from the pandemic: deniers, normalizers and explorers. We will be living with the different approaches from now on.

Deniers are those who never believed there was much of a problem, or after that became unsustainable, believe that we have overreacted to the situation. We have done too much, and even the latest response, the vaccines, is an unnecessary step.

Normalizers, acknowledging how bad things got, still keep the faith in getting back, eventually, to the way things were at the end of 2019. They never deny that a tornado hit their house, but they are determined to rebuild it more or less the way it was where it was so they can move back in.

Explorers come to believe that we have crossed an ocean and been shipwrecked on a strange shore. Attempts to recreate some of the older basics may work, but besides some of the old ways not being suitable, there is a slowly growing sense that, like it or not, planned or not, we have arrived at a new world. So maybe, rather than stubbornly resisting, we should consider new possibilities—even if they make normal life something entirely different.

Why some benefits of Covid vaccination are illusory and meaningless to some people

We have got to work on logic and language.

You may have heard that messages promoting Covid vaccination should stress all the wonderful things you can do once you are vaccinated. Partying and joining large social gatherings without masks, for example.

The problem: a number of people have every intention of partying and joining large social gatherings already, without getting vaccinated. Since there are no vaccination mandates for these and other activities, what’s the benefit? You can do all these things anyway. Nobody is saying you can’t. So why bother?

Of course there are significant individual and public health benefits to getting vaccinated. It’s just that being allowed to do what you are already allowed to do isn’t one of them.