Most Republicans in Congress Are Political Cowards. And They Know It.

Note: As this was being readied, it was announced that two Republican Senators who attended yesterday’s infamous White House meeting released a statement saying that they “didn’t recall” Trump making the reported comments about immigration from “shithole countries”—meaning Haiti and all of Africa. As if anyone at the meeting could forget.

During the day, Republicans in Congress do their work, self-satisfied that they are doing the people’s business with conscience and integrity, serving the best interests of the nation and their constituents. They may even be considering the next election, which will allow them to continue that good work and care.

But at night, when their heads hit the pillow, how do they really feel, what do they really think? One guess is that in the dark, alone with themselves, all rationalizations and excuses fly away, for these are not necessarily bad people. They think about the courage it would take to say what they really believe and do what they really think is right. There at night, alone in the dark, they consider the value of courage, how admirable but difficult and costly it is to stand up and speak out. At that point it may be hard to get to sleep—and some may even weep in frustration and self-recrimination. The next day will undoubtedly bring another test, and they know they will not pass.