Bob Schwartz

America Needs a Savior Says the Savior—And It Is Him

For almost two years, it has been apparent that the new President has a simple view of America. He repeated his mantra today:

America is in awful, terrible, horrible shape.

America needs a savior who doesn’t believe in the old and conventional ways that have only made things worse.

He is the one and only savior.

From a non-clinical perspective, terms like “savior complex” or “messiah complex” are sometimes used. Clinically, according to the DSM-IV-TR, the diagnostic criteria for delusional disorders, grandiose-type symptoms include grossly exaggerated beliefs of:

exceptional relationship to a divinity or famous person

The one item on that list that doesn’t apply anymore is “grossly exaggerated belief of power.” Starting today, that would-be savior is the most powerful man in the world.

Inaugural Concert 2017


Look closely at Lincoln
Watching the Inaugural Concert of 2017
Below his monumental chair.
A slave to stone and circumstance
Eyes fixed open on a scene
Out of his control.
He tries not to think back
To other gatherings
On other occasions
Not like this.
Not at all like this.
Look closely
To see him
Struggling to escape
Not just to free himself
But to descend the steps
A giant in the crowd
Striding and proclaiming
What he had seen
And done
And hoped.
Instead he sits
Unmoving and silent
Witness to a truth
A struggle
He lived and died for:
Even now
Even this
All is not lost
All is never lost.