Bob Schwartz

Month: May, 2016

Metta Mama

Metta Mama

As a mother watches over her child, willing to risk her own life to protect her only child, so with a boundless heart should one cherish all living beings, suffusing the whole world with unobstructed loving-kindness.

May all beings be happy.
May they live in safety and joy.

Metta Sutta

The miracles never end.
The conception, the birth, the growth.
Yet none of it happens
All of it flows
From you the source, the spring.
How is it possible
Being merely human
Perfect and flawed
To give so much
For the other
To the other
Happiness, safety and joy?
It is no other
Than yourself.
This child
No other than yourself.

Thanks to the wondrous mother I had and the wondrous mother of our child who graces our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Prince’s Paisley Park Should Become an Artist Incubator

Paisley Park Studio

There is talk about Prince’s huge and state-of-the-art Paisley Park mansion being turned into a museum, something like Graceland.

A better idea is to make it into an artist incubator, where musicians and others can develop their art. What more nurturing and inspirational space could there be?

Prince left no will or other directives, so what happens to Paisley Park will ultimately be up to his heirs, including a sibling and some half-siblings. We don’t know exactly what Prince would want, but somehow, as beloved as he is, a museum that treats him like some kind of saint or icon worthy of pilgrimage may not be it.

Some Disingenuous Republicans Are Waiting for Trump to “Change His Style”

Republicans who honestly support Donald Trump are entitled to do so. This is America and it’s a free country. But some disingenuous Republicans are saying that they are holding off support to see if Trump “changes his style.” Which is a dishonest and cowardly position.

You can support Trump because you like him and think he would be a great President—the greatest ever. You can support him because you dislike the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

You can oppose Trump because…well, so many reasons.

But waiting for Trump to change his style is absurd. Not because he can’t or won’t—though he probably won’t—but because his problem is substantive, not stylistic. It is about who he is. And everybody on the face of the earth knows who he is, because he has been compulsive about telling us for years, especially during this campaign.

So if you hear about some politician waiting for Trump to change his style, don’t believe it. It’s just another skittish and not particularly brave politician blowing in an ill wind.

Bird Non Sense

Bird Non Sense

Twee twee twee twee…twee
Twee twee twee twee…twee
Twee twee twee twee…twee twee
Twee twee twee twee twee
Twee twee twee twee

Patterns in patterns
If you listen long enough
Beyond the morning minutes
All day all spring
You’d find them.
Now just
Beautiful nonsense
Gracing the moment
Nothing more
All less.

Stale Donuts: What I Share with Ted Cruz


This is a true and inconsequential story.

I may not be as smart as Ted Cruz. But he and I share something important.

Ted has said he loves donuts. I love donuts.

Donuts get stale, somewhat quickly. Donut lovers devise ways to freshen stale donuts.

On the campaign trail, Ted has talked about refreshing stale donuts (really). He says he puts them in a microwave for 12 seconds.

I also have a technique for refreshing stale donuts. I put them in a microwave for 10 seconds. (Too much microwaving can destroy their delicate texture.)

So while he and I share this love, we disagree slightly on this. We have bigger disagreements on other matters, of course.

I did not clerk for a Supreme Court Justice. I am not running for President. Etc. So maybe Ted’s 12 seconds are better than my 10 seconds. If you’d like, you can try it for yourself.