Bob Schwartz

The Paramount Pictures Vault: Free and Legal Movies on YouTube

Paramount Vault

Let’s be honest. Movie lovers do look for and watch full-length movies on YouTube—almost all of which are not there legally. For a lot of people, it’s not that they wouldn’t prefer watching these old, classic or limited-interest movies on a streaming service. It’s that a lot of those movies aren’t on streaming services, and even passionate movie lovers are not willing to pay for a DVD of a movie they will watch only a couple of times, if not just once.

Which is why the Paramount Pictures Vault on YouTube is such a refreshing development. There you can find a small selection of such movies from the studio, offered as a gift and, of course, as a promotion for Paramount’s other works, which they do hope you will pay for:

The Paramount Vault showcases a collection of Paramount full-length films and clips including selections that range from black-and-white to color, comedy to horror, and everything in between. Viewers are invited to explore the vast landscape of cinema’s history, share their favorite films, and discover new ones through this official channel created by Paramount Pictures.

So for those who, once in a while, feel a twinge watching movies on YouTube that they know are not completely legit, here’s a way to have some movie fun and to feel clean and legal. Enjoy!

The Cloth of Relationship

Relationships are cloths, woven over time.

Few are solid, woven from one color thread. Beautiful, if that color and weave is right. For you.

Almost as few are planned patterns, perfect plaids and checks and stripes. Maybe plans once, but even a glance reveals misses, tiny or huge.

Most are crazy weaves, and then it all depends. How is it to your eye, to your touch? Something to wear every day, to delight, to keep on the loom and add to? Something else?

What happens when threads go missing, pulled out or worn out? Most cloth will hold together, and the new design may be even better. For you.

Weave weavers.